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Who Is Al-Madina?

For over a decade, Al-Madina has served communities globally via its various programs and initiatives. Our initiatives include Al-Madina Studios, Arabic Online, Arabic Online KIDS, Foundations, Al-Madina Family Program, Pearls Of The Quran, ImanWire Podcast, Al-Madina LIVE, and Al-Madina Publications.

11 December 2020
On The Ropes

Would you leave behind what you love most for the sake of Allah? On The Ropes tells the story of Abdullah Davis - a young kickboxer - who leaves behind his passion in pursuit of a greater future.

10 December 2020
Why Do We Fast?

Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui succinctly explains why we fast while elucidating on the spiritual benefits to be gained by this noble act of devotion.

9 December 2020
A Chance To Be Beautiful

Sidi Yaser Bakr, Allah have mercy on his blessed soul, explains the true meaning of togetherness and brother/sisterhood in this short inspirational video.

The video was recorded in 2019 during the Al-Madina Suhba Fellowship Program in Istanbul, Turkey.

8 December 2020
On the Trail of Ertugrul

The TRT series Ertugrul has captivated fans across the globe connecting people with the incredible life of the grandfather of the Ottoman Empire. Shaykh Riad Saloojee takes us on a personal journey to the visit of the town of Sogut; resting place of Ertugrul Gazi.

7 December 2020
When Hearts Change
6 December 2020
Salawat Around The World (Part One)

Salawat Around the World (Part One) | Muslims from across the world have found the most beautiful and unique ways to send praises upon the Prophet ﷺ.

3 December 2020
Rising After The Fall

Allah defines us as a community, not as a community of sinners, but as a community of repenters. Ustadha Muslema Purmul gives a beautiful insight into how we can always work through our mistakes and find our way back.

24 November 2020
Forever Night

The Story of Ahmet Sarikaya:
Forever Night tells the inspiring story of Ahmet Sarikaya who overcame all odds to achieve a level of mastery that very few attain. Ahmed is ‏a renown Qur'an reciter in Istanbul, Turkey. He has a unique story and unique ability that set him apart from the rest.

24 November 2020
Your Ego Will Destroy You!

Our unchecked egos will surely lead us astray. But how do we overcome the tribulations of the nafs? Shaykh Yasir Fahmy discusses ways that we can overcome our lower selves and methods to prevent our egos from destroying us.

10 November 2020
Ep. 3 | What is the Soul?
10 November 2020
Ep. 2 | What is the Human Being?
10 November 2020
How's Your Arabic?

Take a stroll with Moutasem Atiya as he catches Suhba Fellowship students off guard and starts testing their Arabic skills. Students from all across the world came together for a one year fellowship under the spiritual guidance of Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui to deep their connection with Allah and His Messenger (Peace be upon him), while also studying the Arabic language.