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Withstanding Hurt with Haleem - Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui

What is haleem? What does it have to do with bearing pain and humiliation? Is it more than being patient? Shaykh Mokhtar explores it's meaning and how it is a prophetic characteristic.

29 June 2022
The Ottoman Sufi: Imanwire Selects

Professor Suleyman Derin, with a background in the field of Sufism, Sufi tafasir, Sufi psychology and orientalist studies on Sufism, discusses the myths and misconceptions of what Sufism is, what it has become, and what it means to the culture of the Turks and those who follow it.

22 June 2022
West Meets East | Imanwire Selects

Worlds collide on this special 50th episode of the podcast, as the US and Istanbul teams come together to discuss studying abroad, cultural identity, and the role of community in developing spiritually.

14 June 2022
Losing the Love Handles: Combining Physical & Spiritual Fitness | Imanwire Selects

We might appreciate the benefits of physical fitness, but are there spiritual benefits to exercise as well? In this episode, we discuss not only how to find time and implement a successful exercise program but how exercise can teach us invaluable lessons critical to being spiritually healthy.Exploring the strong connections between physical and spiritual fitness, Moutasem Atiya, Mohammed Saleem & special guest Dr. Saleem Farooqui, a physician and competitive cyclist, reflect on how exercise can enhance our own spiritual path to God.

8 June 2022
Ep.7 - Choose well: A Map for Daily Life Decisions
7 June 2022
Ep.9 - My Role in this Environment is to Fulfill Uboodiyah
7 June 2022
Finding Your Own Path to the Prophet | Imanwire Selects

How can we connect with the Prophet? Our Islamic education on the Prophet's life often lacks the spiritual, introspective component that effects change in our own life.

2 June 2022
Ep.6 - Choose well: A Map for Daily Life Decisions
1 June 2022
Ep.8 - The Environment is in Worship of Allah
30 May 2022
The Debate Over Countering Violent Extremism | Imanwire Selects

​In this episode, Alejandro Beutel, a researcher in CVE, and Mohamed Ghilan, a critic of CVE, discuss both government and community-led initiatives in countering violent extremism and consider how to address this divisive issue constructively in the Muslim community.

26 May 2022
Opioid Addiction in the Muslim Community | Imanwire Selects

Opioid addiction is a far-reaching problem in our society and the Muslim community is not immune. In this episode, Moutasem Atiya, Dr. Mohamed Ghilan, Dr. Hasan Awan & Mohammed Saleem address the growing problem of prescription drug abuse, its social and spiritual ramifications, the path to recovery and how our attitudes towards addicts should be grounded in love.

25 May 2022
Ep.5 - Choose well: A Map for Daily Life Decisions
24 May 2022
Ep.7 - The Environment is a Sign Informing Me About Allah